Technical fact sheet

A range of water-based paint that respects our environment as 90% of solvents have been replaced by water. From glossy shades to matte, from varnish to primer, a new series of quality with quick drying. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Suitable for painting kitchens, bathrooms, garden accessories or furniture, children's furniture and toys etc. on wood, cardboard, metal, fabric, plastic, glass and ceramic surfaces. Also suitable for application on styrofoam. Painted surfaces can be cleaned with dishwashing products. From a weeding effect to a totally covering effect... you choose the effect you get!

Quality and Properties

Paint-based watery acrylic quality Little cloud spray, hence an easy spray even indoors. Applying even on Polystyrene Pleasant vanilla fragrance, without the smell of solvents Resistance to light Durable shine Consistent with the standard NF EN 71-3 so safe on objects intended for children Applications can be corrected within 20 to 25 minutes using water and soap. Also suitable for the exterior Equipped with a self-cleaning valve Available in a wide range of colors, as well as an undercoat and varnishes.

Physical and chemical data

Binder: water-based acrylic

Smell: Pleasant vanilla fragrance when spraying

Finish: 60 degrees according to DIN 67530

Brilliant tints: 80 UB Satin tints: 45 UB

Matte tints: UB UB

Yield: Depending on the quality and colour of the holder, 350 ml is sufficient for: Prime: about 0.8 - 1.0 m2 Tints: about 0.8 - 1.2 m2 Vernis: about 1.0 - 2.0 m2

Drying (at 20oC, 50% relative humidity): Dry excluding dust: after 15-20 minutes Dry to the touch: after 2 hours Recoverable / dry at heart: after 24 hours

Complete and final drying is obtained after 5 days of drying. During this interval the painted object must be kept away from the humidity. Drying time depends on ambient temperature, humidity and application.

Waste treatment: Empty containers should be used for recycling. Non-empty containers must follow a specific waste treatment circuit.

Lifespan/storage: 4 years under appropriate storage conditions (up to 10-25 degrees Celsius, relative humidity maximum. 60%)

Protect from frost!

Container: Maximum net volume 400 ml (filled with 350 ml of paint)

Environment and regulation

Respect for the environment: MOTIP DUPLI products are 100% free of heavy metals and have been using guaranteed thrusters without HCFC since 1977. The caps and packaging are made from recycled materials. Waste treatment: Only empty aerosols should be recycled. Non-empty containers must be brought to a specific collection centre. Regulatory labelling: All MOTIP DUPLI products comply with labelling provisions under Directive 1999/45/EG. All aerosols correspond to TRGS 200 and FIT 300 and Directive 75/324/EWG in its current variation.

How to use it

Preparing support:

The support should be clean, dry and absolutely grease-free. Remove pieces from old paintings. Despite a low spray fog, protect the surrounding area to be painted. Apply aqua primer beforehand. Allow to dry (minimum 2 hours). Prepare hard plastics with plastic primer. Painting: Before use shake at least 2 to 3 min then do a spray test Apply in thin layers at a distance of about 25 cm from the holder. Do not apply at an ambient temperature of less than 15oC so that drying can be done without any problems.

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