Technical fact sheet


Quick-water bicouches

Quick drying

Use donaine:

For the opening of furniture and wooden objects.


Density 1.05 ± 0.05
Excerpt Sec 36% ± 2
F4 Coupe Viscosity at 20 C 90" ± 5

Appearance: transparent


Dilution - water 0 - 5% 0 - 5%


Pistol airmix 120-150 ml/ m2 per layer
Ecclerostatic pistol 100-120 ml/m2 per layer
Brush/ yes
Flow coating / Soaked No

Features of the applied product:

Drying at room temperature 1-2 h
Drying hot air tunnel 30'
Drying off dust 20'
Dry to the touch 50'
Dry in depth 4 hours
Egrenable after (time) 1-3 h
Over-application time 1-3h
Over-application time with a Mini 4h finish


The HSC 6A03X bile break series can be used with an electrostatic application suitable for water products.
The possible use of a sprayer in the application area improves the bursting of low-pressure varnish and
thus allows for a better tension and transparency of the film.
In the case of the use of a heater, it is advisable not to raise the product to a temperature above
30 degrees C. The reported drying time varies depending on the ambient temperature, the relative humidity and the
drying conditions.
It is strongly advised to prepare the application equipment well with abundant water cleaning before and after
HSC 6A03X series.
For the dilution of the product, it is advisable to use demineralized water to avoid problems related to
excessive hardness of the water (high concentration of salts).
Maximum dilution 5%.
The varnish is not suitable for liquids (hot or cold) or different alcohols. You can use it for a solid food contact like cheese platter, fruit salad bowl ect...
Keep the product at a temperature above 5oC


Store at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius/ not below 5 degrees Celsius.
Fears frost.

Storage indication:

8 Months

Very important:

Since panels or supports, even if they are of the same nature or quality, can be theoretically different from each other, with the physical-chemical characteristics that greatly influence the result of the varnishes since mixtures, dilutions, atmosphere and installations are fundamental elements for the final result; Since all these elements do not depend on our control or authority, no liability can be attributed to our company regarding the final result results resulting from the use of our products. In addition, in the process of opening industrial series, a margin of 5% is to be considered as in the standards, therefore not attributable to the quality of our products. The information mentioned on this fact sheet is based on the average of the results of our trials and on our experience, which is among the largest and most in-depth in the sector. Our company, on the other hand, guarantees the consistency of the physical and chemical characteristics of our products within the limits of tolerance and the data established by our technical sheets. We undertake to replace the product immediately if such features do not match what is reported. However, the end result will be the sole responsibility of the user, who will have to ensure that the product corresponds well to its own needs and that the particular environmental conditions, application or specific media, do not require substantial changes in use. The data in this fact sheet is recorded at 20oC and 70% H.R.

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