EN71.3 standard outdoor paint kit
    Standard outdoor paint kit toy EN71.3 Yellow
    En71.3 White toy standard outdoor paint kit
    En71.3 Bordeaux standard outdoor paint kit
    En71.3 Outdoor Toy Paint Kit
    En71.3 Red standard outdoor paint kit
    En71.3 Black STANDARD outdoor paint kit

    Kit Glycero Paint Standard TOy EN 71.3 indoors and outdoors.

    Standard TOy painting EN71.3 for indoors and outdoors.

    • This standard glycero paint kit IN 71.3 is intended for indoors and outdoors.
    • It is applied to all wood, plaster, paper and iron materials.
    • Ideal for your outdoor creations, weatherproof.
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    EN71.3 outdoor toy standard paint kit

    • The kit includes: 1 jar of 40 grams of white paint, 1 jar of 40 grams of dark blue paint, 1 jar of 40 grams of yellow paint, 1 jar of 40 grams of red paint, 1 jar of 40 grams of black paint, 1 jar of 40 grams of burgundy paint, .
    • Medium glycerophthalic paint in high-strength finishing oil.
    • Product appearance at fluid delivery, creamy
    • Appearance of film after satin drying
    • TOy standard EN71.3
    • Drying at 20oC. At the rate of application of 150 to 200 g/m2
    • Excluding dust 50 minutes
    • Hardening 5 to 8 a.m.
    • Recoverable 12 p.m.
    • Dilution: White-spirit
    • Covering power: 5 to 7 m2 depending on application / kg
    • Storage 12 months away from frost


    • Pneumatic pistol, brush, rollers, brushes, gloves.

    Area of employment and particularity:

    • Outdoor and indoor application. Mainly on wood, plaster, paper, healthy, dry and clean porous ferrous materials, can also be applied to metals, provided the support is treated against corrosion. Gives excellent protection from the weather. Forms a soft and durable film, which allows it to be leachable. Applying on central heating radiator, can be applied on some plastics and composites, a pre-test is highly recommended.

    What is glycero paint?

    • Long called oil painting, glycerophthalic paint is a mixture of pigments, resin and organic solvent (white-spirit).

    Information on spray spray paint standard toy EN 71-3, fact sheet

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    40 gr
    45 Items

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