Wooden pen Fisherman in cocobolo with...
    Wooden pen Fisherman in cocobolo with...
    Wooden pen Fisherman in cocobolo with...

    Wooden pen Fisherman in cocobolo with aubier

    Themed ball pen for fishermen, Cocobolo wood with aubier.

    • Themed ball pen for anglers turned by hand
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    Themed ball pen for fishermen,Cocobolo wood with aubier.

    Since it is necessary for all tastes, after the model The Colt for hunters, here is the model "Fisher", for precisely all aspiring fishermen. You can see that, once again, the details are there, and the quality of the foundry is pretty amazing. The bar represents a fishing rod, and when aligned with the top of the pen which represents a reel, it makes us a fight between man and fish. The bottom, meanwhile, represents a kingfisher, solitary, this on 360 degrees.

    • The wood used here is the cocobolo with a small part of aubier towards the writing tip.
    • This pen is of course rechargeable, and uses Parker-type refills.
    • It comes in a nice cardboard box, accompanied by a maintenance cloth.

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    cocobolo wood
    Pec 11/13
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    Good morning to all of you,

    Welcome to these pages provided by my friend Jean-Luc, where you can discover my passion, shooting on wood. My name is Christophe, I practice this passion in the Alpes-Maritimes, in a small town called Le Cannet.

    As you will see, I like to make pens, they represent freedom, write words of love or harsher words, which represent anger or even hatred, in short words have a power that sometimes escape us. Unfortunately, the pen is slowly replaced by the keyboard, colder and impersonal, even if it has a practical side.

    Nevertheless, I would still like to tell you that I do not do in the low-end pen, with a veneer that tends to escape, with small bill mechanisms that get stuck after a few months. I only work with one supplier, who has the same ideas as me, and proposes "high quality" mechanisms. For my part, I only dress them in wood, but also with quality.

    I am also committed to replacing any pen that has any defects, mechanisms or wood. This is provided that the offending pen is returned to me. All pens will be delivered in a cardboard box, accompanied by a micro-maintenance.

    You'll also find pages on refills, cases, everything you need to customize your pen. All models are rechargeable, and you'll find the right refills for your pen. I let you discover my world, and perhaps tell you soon. Have a nice visit.

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