Technical information

Identification: Vernis Acrysol

Water-phase varnish based on a complex of high-end acrylic and polyurethane resin. Compliant with the toy standard EN 71-3.


Appearance of the film after drying Satin or shiny on demand Product density 1 Delivery viscosity 25" CF 4 to 20 'C

Dry extract or concentration of materials 37%

Appearance of product at delivery Whitish liquid

Power covering 150 g/m2

Clouding Power Transparent Coupe AFNOR CF 4

Toy Standard IN 71-3: Yes

Storage 12 months away from frost

Applications: pistol, airmix, pneumatic, spalter, brush, soaked.

Area of use and peculiarities: The main advantage of Acrysol varnish is that it is flammable and odourless. It is used as a solvent varnish with the difference that on some wood species, a slight lifting of fibers may appear. Used mainly on wood (wooden toy, furniture, etc.) Thanks to the addition of watery polyurethane resin that provides the deposited film with resistance to chemical and mechanical aggression. It can also be applied to any porous surface (slate, brick, ect...).

It has a high power filling. It is ideal for blocking medium songs.

Clean and rinse with water any application utensils before drying, because given the quality of the resins used, it does not soak or strip after drying.

Drying at 20oC without dust for 15 minutes

Egrenable 60 minutes

Time between 2 layers 45 minutes

Final hardening at 12:00 p.m.

Special observations

The ambient temperature, the temperature of the items and the ventilation conditions influence the drying and hardening. Do not use at a temperature of less than 15oC and above 35oC.

Safety recommendations

(see security data sheet) Do not ingest. Do not inhale. Aspiration or ventilation in accordance with labour inspection standards. Do not throw it down in the sewer. Waste must be collected and handed over to an approved skills destruction company. Flammable product. For more details see our security data information. The information contained in this fact sheet is based on our experience, but cannot be a guarantee in the event of defective use. We absolve ourselves of any liability for problems arising from the blending of products without our notice.

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