Suite aux nouvelles mesures gouvernementales, sachez qu’AU BOIS ENCHANTE s’engage à garantir la bonne continuité de son activité. Les services resteront donc les mêmes, nous continuerons de traiter et expédier vos commandes sous 24h à 48h.

Le Blog de l'atelier

 First name puzzle "I am learning to write my first name"


 Handcrafted wooden ball and nib pens

I present to you creations intende...

New range of EN71.3 standard outdoor toy paint  : Glycerophtalic paint for outdoor use

A new standard toy paints comes to enrich the range !


dinosaur footprint puzzle

Another little novelty to show you: dinosaur-print puzzles....

Custom Puzzle Palepolis

My latest project is a commission for Paleopolpolis Park in Gannat.

See

Custom coat racks

Hello dear friends,<...

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Our site complies with current standards and has a safety certificate (https). For the payment part we go through a recognized actor (hipay) who assures us maximum security


We use obviously secure payment platforms and we do not record any banking information to guarantee you a high level of security. We accept most bank cards as well as some local cards.

More than that!

We accept payments with your Amazon account to prevent you from re-applying information. We are also present on this site as a professional seller.


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We can be reached by phone, by email at the opening hours of the workshop. We always make sure to be very responsive to your requests so don't hesitate!


For more than 13 years, the workshop has evolved a lot as well as the online shop. We now offer products that embody the same passion for authentic and know-how. We are always looking for interesting handmade products, if you would like to market them contact us!

Vos questions

How do I get my bill?

From your account, in your order history you can print your invoice or download it as a PDF.

Do you make gift wrappers?

We can activate this feature depending on the season at which time you will have the option to request it when ordering

Why is the mobile number mandatory?

In order to serve you best, we ask you because the carrier may have to contact you or send you notifications for the progress of the delivery.

Are the paintings and varnishes made in France?

We have our paints, varnish standards toys and food varnish made in France while paints and aerosols are made in Germany.

Where does wood come from for games and toys?

The wood used to make all the wooden toys and games on the site comes from a small family sawmill located in La Guillermie in the Bourbon mountains (03 - Allier).

What are the differences between the standard toy varnish and the food varnish?

Toy-standard varnish is to be applied to wooden games and toys for children. It is manufactured according to the requirements of the European standard EN 71-3. It is non-toxic and safe for children who would carry the varnished toy to the mouth.

Food varnish is to be applied to wooden objects or its derivatives intended to be in direct contact with food, such as a fruit cup or a wooden cheese platter. This varnish complies with REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 - 453/2010). Beware this varnish does not have the standard toy EN71-3.

Au bois enchanté, wooden toys, wooden games and children's paintings, baby wooden games a site on a human scale

Since 2005 we have been offering wooden games and toys for children made by hand in Auvergne. Our company is also present in the markets of our region and on the Salons du Bois.

We also offer a selection of paints and standard toy varnishes.

Wooden toys, wooden games and children's paints,baby wooden games

We mainly make games and toys for children but also wooden decoration for children's rooms such as wooden coat racks, wooden names to put on the doors or the wooden game "I learn my first name". Our range of wooden games and toys is aimed at the little ones and the older ones with wooden games to pull or stack and also wooden games of strategy such as the morpion, the 4 in a row or the game of the stick. We also make custom wooden games or toys on request with or without sketches.

All our wooden toys and games are made to the standards, the paints and varnishes used are safe for children. Wooden toys and toys are suitable for young children from 36 months of age. Check the size of the parts on our website so they cannot be swallowed.

We make it a point of honor to offer wooden games and toys for children made in the rule of art! Our only passion is wood!

Other wood products including wooden pens

Come also discover our paintings to sing in wood! An original decoration with different themes and dimensions to meet your desires. A range of wooden pens turned by a craftsman will soon be offered for sale on the site. This craftsman makes beautiful wooden pens exotic or regional wood, from ballpoint pen to roller to pen, you will inevitably find your happiness to please you or to offer! This craftsman will also be able to make you a custom wooden pen on request.