Outdoor varnish 1litre standard toy...
    1litre standard EN71.3 exterior shiny varnish

    Outdoor varnish 1litre standard toy EN 71.3

    Outdoor varnish 1litre standard toy EN 71.3.

    • For application on wood and its derivatives, iron, rattan.
    • Very water resistant varnish, seaside and chemicals.
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    Outdoor varnish 1litre standard toy EN 71.3.


    • Product appearance on delivery: Transparent or opalescent
    • Covering power: 6 to 8 M2/L per layer
    • Standards NF 71 3: yes
    • Storage: 12 months
    • Diluant: White spirit


    • Excluding dust: 45 to 90 minutes
    • Cable: Satin and Mat only 12h (the gloss does not pumice)
    • Hardening: 48 hours
    • Maneuverable: 90 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the temperature of the room


    • Fast soaked, pneumatic pistol and airmix pump, brushes, cod tail, spalters.

    Special observations:

    • The ambient temperature, the temperature of the items and the ventilation conditions influence the drying and hardening.
    • Do not use at a temperature of less than 15oC and above 35oC.
    • Well ventilate the room where you work.

    Area of employment and peculiarity:

    • wood, all species and medium, as well as plywood.
    • Ferrous metal.
    • The varnish has the advantage of having good resistance to shocks and humidity.
    • Excellent garnishing power, allows to get beautiful and soft surfaces.
    • It can be applied on normal traffic flooring. Ideal for yachting, cottage, rattan, frizz, table and chair.
    • The outdoor outfit is excellent.

    SECURITY RECOMMENDATIONS (see safety data sheet)

    • Do not ingest.
    • Do not inhale.
    • Aspiration or ventilation in accordance with labour inspection standards.
    • Do not throw it down in the sewer.
    • Waste must be collected and handed over to an approved skills destruction company.
    • Extinction: Fire extinguisher Co 2, powder, water and foam.
    • Flammable product.
    • For more details see our security data sheet (on request).

    Information on outdoor varnishes standard toy EN71.3: technical sheet

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    CE standard
    Norme Jouet EN71.3
    1 liter
    11 Items

    Since 2005, we have been offering wooden games and toys for children made in Auvergne. Our company is also present at wood fairs. We also offer a selection of standard EN71.3 toy paints and varnishes.

    Wooden toys, wooden games and children's paintings, baby wooden games:

    We mainly make games and toys for children but also wooden decoration for children's rooms such as wooden coat racks, wooden names to put on the doors or the wooden game "I learn my first name". Our range of wooden games and toys is aimed at the little ones and the older ones with wooden games to shoot or stack and also wooden games of strategy such as the morpion, the 4 in a row or the game of the stick. We also make custom wooden games or toys on request with or without sketches.

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