Magnetic paint spray
    Magnetic paint spray
    Magnetic paint spray
    Magnetic paint spray

    Paint black and magnetic painting in aerosol.

    Aerosol paint black and magnetic array.

    • The product can be applied to very different media, such as metal, wood, stone and various plastics.
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    Aerosol painting blackboard and magnetic

    • Special paint of superior quality based on alkyd resin
    • Allows magnet adhesion
    • Allows chalk writing
    • Very good adhesion on the support
    • Scratch and shock resistant
    • Resistant to cleaning products
    • Very good power to cover
    • Matte black color
    • The more layers you put on, the better the adhesion of the magnets will be.


    The magnetic schoolboy's table in aerosol!

    The blackboard paint "Click & Write" is an aerosol ferromagnetic paint. After application, it can be written in chalk as on a classic blackboard, it is also erasable with water. The iron particles contained in the paint make it possible to use magnets. Spray paint can be applied to different media such as metal, wood, stone and various synthetic materials.
    With a box of 500 ml, one can cover an area of 1.8 - 2.0 m² (a single layer). But magnets would adhere to it only weakly. To enhance the magnetic effect, several layers are needed. One aerosol is then enough for about 0.5 - 0.6 m².

    The right gestures to paint in aerosol : explanatory sheet


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    CE standard
    500 ml

    Since 2005, we offer wooden games and toy(s) for children made in Auvergne. Our company is also present at wood fairs. We also offer a selection of paints and varnishes standard toys EN71.3.

    Wooden toys, wooden games and children's paintings, baby wooden games:

    We mainly manufacture games and toys for children but also wooden decoration for children's rooms such as wooden coat racks, wooden names to put on the doors or the wooden game "I learn my name". Our range of wooden games and toys is aimed at the youngest as well as the oldest with wooden games to shoot or stack and also wooden strategy games such as the morpion, the 4 in a row or the stick game. We also make personalized wooden games or toys on request with or without sketches.

    Unique toys made of France and paint for children

    Each of our products is manufactured in France, in the Allier. Sourced in the Bourbonnaise mountain, the wood is then imported into our family workshop, 40 kilometers away.

    It is in this workshop that each of our wooden games and toys is designed, coming to life at the whim of the enchanted wood sculptor.

    Each of the pieces is made by hand, in compliance with artisanal rules and local customs.

    The paint used is fr EN71-3 standard paint, intended for children and non-toxic.

    Attention Logo 36 moisSmall elements, choking hazard

    A large dose of passion, a little originality, a zest of madness, and above all a lot of love make up each of the games and toys.

    Each piece is unique, timeless, and emerges from the imagination of the craftsman, who concocts, between memories of evenings by the fire, and daydreams from his playroom, toys up to the wishes of young and old for pleasant parties, punctuated by laughter, and especially dreams and imaginary stories at the height of the sweetest dreams.

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