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Table Fiat 500
Table Fiat 500

Fiat 600 table in Finnish birch plywood.

Fiat 600 table engraved in Finnish birch plywood.

Fiat launched in 1955 the Fiat 600 which replaced the Topolino sold since 1936. It redefines the family vehicle.

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Fiat 600 table engraved in Finnish birch plywood.

Fiat launched in 1955 the Fiat 600 which replaced the Topolino sold since 1936. It redefines the family vehicle, both for the city and for long journeys. Without too many means after the war, the small car was not as successful as the Fiat 500, nevertheless it was the first fiat with a rear engine. The Fiat 600 is characterized by doors flush with the wings and rounded edges. Under the hood, Fiat has installed a water-cooled 4-cylinder engine that produces only 21 hp. It was coupled with a 4-speed gearbox. Its consumption was 5.7l per 100 kms.

There will be 6 series in Italy and its production will stop in December 1969, nevertheless 2,695,197 copies of Fiat 600 have crisscrossed our beautiful roads!

Treat yourself with the Fiat 600 table.

Dimensions of the wooden painting Fiat 600

The wooden painting Fiat 600 is 20 x 30 cm. It is equipped with a hook to hang it on the wall with a simple nail.

Engraved wooden paintings for original walls

Alternative to canvases, posters or glass paintings, chamfered wooden paintings are made from a process of hollowing out the surface to obtain shapes and figures. The profile is engraved directly on the piece of wood from an artisanal process.

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Finnish birch plywood 5 ply
Array dimension
20 x 30 cm
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Unique toys made of France and paint for children

Each of our products is manufactured in France, in the Allier. Sourced in the Bourbonnaise mountain, the wood is then imported into our family workshop, 40 kilometers away.

It is in this workshop that each of our wooden games and toys is designed, coming to life at the whim of the enchanted wood sculptor.

Each of the pieces is made by hand, in compliance with artisanal rules and local customs.

The paint used is fr EN71-3 standard paint, intended for children and non-toxic.

Attention Logo 36 moisSmall elements, choking hazard

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